A bit of our history...

John & Sarah Hill started in business with a small shop in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester around 1855.

In 1889, the manufacturing business started to develop on a much larger scale and on Saturday 4th November 1893 the foundation stone for Tudno Mill in Ashton-under-Lyne, which still houses the bakery today, was laid by Sarah Hill. Business continued to flourish and Hill Biscuits became a limited company in 1906.

From that date onwards, John Hill & Co, whose name would eventually change to Hill Biscuits, passed through a number of ownerships including John Mackintosh & Co. which in turn was to be purchased in 1969 by Rowntrees. In 1979 Rowntree decided to divest themselves of Hill Biscuits and in May 1980 a management buy-in took place led by Mr Don Bennett, thus returning Hill to private ownership. Since 1980 growth in Hill Biscuits has been modest but profits have been ploughed back into a series of developments which have proved beneficial. The adjoining Ryecroft Mill was acquired in 1982 and in 1983 a ready to eat breakfast cereal plant making shredded bran and shreddies was put in place and a company formed and named Ryecroft Foods Limited. At the outset, the new business was funded through and largely owned by Hill.

In 2006 Hill Biscuits celebrated 100 years as a limited company, 2007 brought the purchase of the adjoining Fern Mill which over the next five years was demolished to make way for a new warehouse. In 2011, Mr Don Bennett retired as Chairman after over 30 years leaving the business on a far more secure footing than when he started. The management team continue to reinvest in the business and currently employ around 350 people, the most recent innovations include a move into snack packs, mini packs and assorted biscuit tray - all proving very popular.

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